Hello dear friends – I pray you are all doing really well! This message from my heart to yours came to me very recently while I was praying, fasting and reading my book of life (otherwise called the footprint for wisdom – “My Bible”).  So check this out – Is it possible that you may have some people you know who are lurking in the shadows around the corner or perhaps maybe your connection to the person(s) is even more personal and deep down, you know they do not wish you well at all?  They could even be silently hoping your success is short lived and you will give up on your dreams if some unexpected circumstances arise to shift you off focus.  Listen closely, the Almighty God will defend you vigorously against anyone who seeks your downfall especially if your trust, hope and confidence is in him alone!   In the book of Esther, Haman a very prominent Persian official hatches a well thought out plan to destroy Mordecai (Queen Esther’s cousin) along with everyone else of Jewish heritage.  When Mordecai learned of this plot, he sent word to Queen Esther who in turn sent the following reply in Esther 4:15-17  “Go and gather all the Jews of Susa and fast for me.  Do not eat or drink for 3 days, night or day.  My maids and I will do the same.  And then though it is against the law, I will go in to see the king.  If I must die, I must die.  So Mordecai went away and did everything as Esther had ordered him”.  In Chapter 5, on the 3rd day of the fast, Queen Esther goes to see the King who asked “What is your request?  I will give it to you even if it is half of the kingdom”.  Queen Esther asked for a private banquet with the King and Haman – the very one who was plotting to kill all Jewish people.  Her request is granted, after the private banquet – Haman leaves feeling really good until he sees Mordecai sitting peacefully at the palace gate.  He instantly became angry and went away to vent his anger/frustrations to his friends and wife who all agreed with his plan to kill Mordecai.

         OMG Haman had a 75 foot tall pole set-up, so the next day Mordecai could be impaled (put to death) on it.  But later that night the King had trouble sleeping and asked for the history record of his reign and guess what?  As it turns out – the King discovered an account of how Mordecai had exposed a murder plot intended to kill and overthrow his reign but nothing was ever done to reward Mordecai for such a great deed.  So the King ordered Haman to set up a special honor for Mordecai.  Yep, Yep the very Haman who was plotting to kill Mordecai now had to organize a special set-up to honor him!  This is so important because God can use the very person(s) or people opposing you to turn around and bless you.   Listen! Haman ultimately gets impaled on the very same 75 foot pole that he had set up for Mordecai.  So you can take confidence in knowing that God will surely take care of anyone who seeks to plot your downfall.  Yes my friends, all you have to do is to remain calm, prayerful, vigilant and faithful through the process.  Do not seek to carry out vigilante retaliation when people rise up to treat you horribly.  As a matter of fact, the next time someone or a group of people seek your downfall – in your silent voice – you just declare “Haters Back Off!! The Lord God is indeed my Shield and Rock!  Pray for them and release them over to the Almighty Father who already knows and sees all things.  Remember – you too can fast, pray and wait for God’s divine direction on your next move and while doing so do not forget you are fearfully and wonderfully made for such a time as this.  Your opponents do not even stand a chance because your victory was predetermined and even if you suffer a setback during the process – all things will work together for your good!