Winning the Battle Silently



        Have you ever rushed to pick up the phone to call a friend or two in the midst of a desperate circumstance you were dealing with?  Perhaps it was betrayal from a close confidante, or suddenly realizing you had been cheated on by your significant other, or just maybe you lost your job unexpectedly.  Whatever the case maybe you felt the immediate urge to pick up the phone to share all your issues with that friend on the other end of the phone.  Have you ever considered how this makes the Heavenly Father who called all things into existence feel when you bypass his mainline to consult with human ears?  Listen, I have not always turned immediately to God in moments of despair.  When I was younger I was eager to share my heart concerns with my close friends trusting they would be on my side or share a pacifying word that I thought I desperately needed to hear.  But God began to speak to my heart as I matured in Christ, the Lord would instruct me to just be still and know that he is God (Psalm 46:10).

        There is absolute power to be gained from intentional silence in the midst of life’s battles.  I recall about 3 years ago while going through a very difficult divorce, a false report had been filed against me with the Department of Family and Children Service alleging our daughters were being treated harshly.  I remember thinking to myself "Dear God how can this be taking place right now amidst everything else especially since the report was absolutely not true."  My first instincts were to confront my spouse concerning the absurdity of such allegations but the Holy Spirit commanded me to "Be still, Be quiet and know that I am the Great I AM." Instead, I prayed and worshipped God right in the midst of it all.  Yes again and again the Lord reminded me to just Zip My Lips because he was fighting my battles for me.  After a thorough investigation was completed which included an almost 3 hour in home visit, a determination was made finding no evidence at all of any harsh treatment.  In spite of how painful the process may have been for me, I learned a valuable lesson on how to win battles silently through prayer and fasting. 

        You remember the story of the Israelites led by Joshua to march around the Jericho wall for 6 days and to march around it 7 times on day seven.  Did you pay close attention to this verse?: Joshua 6:10 ~Do not shout; do not even talk, "Joshua commanded. "Not a single word from any of you until I tell you to shout. Then shout!" This was intentional spiritual warfare going on as these men walked around the city for 6 who days never uttering a word.  God certainly rewarded them for their obedience because on the 7th day they shouted right when Joshua commanded them to and the wall came tumbling down and they destroyed everything sparing only Rahab's household.  The next time you think of taking your desperate issues to the phones of your friends, strongly consider carrying them to the throne of grace and mercy.  Jesus is always on the mainline and you are guaranteed to never get a voicemail or busy signal.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made for such a time as this.

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