Unmerited Favor Faithfully Flows

Hello my friends! – Ah we have reached the end of another year.  Can you believe how fast the past twelve months have flown by?  Just a few short months ago it was like July and now here we are about to embrace the events which 2019 will bring to our lives and those precious lives we care so much about.  Was 2018 an impactful, eventful or unforgettable year for you?  Were there some things you set out to accomplish and thankfully you fulfilled them or perhaps you intend to complete them in 2019?  As long as you intentionally work towards your goals, remember - you will successfully complete them with God’s guidance of course.  It is not by our own limited human strength but by the power of God which makes it possible.  It is also important not to measure the rate of your success with that of someone else.  Yes – I always refer to this as Death to Comparison (You can check out my previous blog post on “Death to Comparison”).  Though today, I would like to take a few moments of your time to speak on the Unmerited Favor of God which Faithfully Flows in our lives. There is so much comfort and tranquility when you firmly realize and believe there is such a thing as Unmerited Favor.  Unmerited Favor is the kind of favor you cannot earn based upon your good behavior, accolades, degrees, family inheritance etc.  If I am being totally honest “Unmerited Favor” makes no earthly sense at all because a human being cannot qualitatively or quantitatively measure it!  Oh you remember Abraham and Sarah who wanted a child so badly in their old age that they decided to have their bondservant Hagar to conceive a child for them named Ishmael (Genesis 16:1-4).  Yet in spite of their actions, the Lord went on to bless them with Isaac when they were 100 and 90 years old respectively!  The unmerited favor of the Lord was clearly evident here as their previous actions with Hagar certainly did not earn them the right to have Isaac.  However, the Lord overlooked their intentional and unintentional errors and went on to bless them anyway.  As believers, the unmerited favor of God can absolutely flow through our lives.

Do you recall the story of Joseph who was sold into slavery by his own brothers for twenty pieces of silver?  Joseph found unmerited favor, grace and mercy in God’s eyes and went on to become the most respected governor of Egypt specially appointed by Pharaoh (Genesis 41:37-44).  It was Joseph who ultimately saved his brothers and entire family during a severe famine in the land.  The unmerited favor of God will take you to places, put you in positions and present you with opportunities beyond your human comprehension.  Those who considered you to be unqualified will be the same ones in awe of the blessings which will faithfully flow into your life as God’s unmerited favor rests upon you.  There is no limit to the blessings God releases in the lives of those who faithfully put their trust in his process and timing.  I recall a few short months ago when I had set a deadline to get a big project completed and things seemed not to be going according to the specially set timeline which I had planned out in my personal brain space. Discouragement could have easily set in if I had not been determined to stay connected to God’s word and the promises he had already released in my spirit.  I remember hearing a very timely message early one Sunday morning while I was preparing for church services by Pastor John Gray where he issued a 7 day challenge to everyone to just ‘Rest’ in the promises of God.  I determined in my spirit that morning to rest in the promises of God for those next 7 days.  A good friend of mine called to say the response I was awaiting related to the project would be taking place within the week which was further confirmation of my need to rest and trust in the one who has never failed.  Literally by Day 3 – I would receive more than I could have asked for related to the completion of the project.  It was clear to see God’s unmerited favor was faithfully flowing in my life.  

To experience the faithful flow of unmerited favor in your life there are a few things you must keep in mind.  You must trust the Lord with your absolute whole heart, mind and soul.  You see grace and mercy cannot be bought even by the wealthiest persons in the world.  You also cannot labor yourself into God’s unmerited favor (Romans 11:6).  As daughters and sons of a heavenly king – we have access to God’s grace and mercy.  You must also be determined to have consistent devotion with the Lord daily by reflecting on the words of God found throughout the bible, having praise and worship and not forgetting to have intentional moments of silence so the Holy Spirit can speak to you.  Don’t forget to remain aware of supernatural breakthroughs and opportunities which will present themselves along your journey of life. These will reveal clearly the flow of God’s unmerited favor in your life.  Let me share another personal example of God’s unmerited favor.  I recently had to get passport photos for myself and my two daughters, I knew the cost would be about $45.00 + tax.  When we arrived at the store to get our photos taken, the associate informed us the passport camera was out of service.  He kindly checked the closest store which had a functional passport camera service.  We immediately left there and I drove to the store we were referred to.  We had our passport photos taken and as the store associate proceeded to finalize our transaction, he said “the system will only allow me to charge you for two sets of passport photos and not the three we had taken as there is a system error which has nothing to do with you but the cost will be much lower.”  I ended up paying just about $32.00 for three sets of passport photos.  Listen one thing I have learned as I continue to mature as a Christian is that the unmerited favor of God often times makes no sense at all.  If it made perfect sense perhaps it would not be considered unmerited.  I recall praising the Lord for the blessings of our discounted passport photo fees because I am certain his unmerited favor is faithfully flowing through my life and the lives of those I hold dear.  It is my prayer that you too will experience an abundance of God’s unmerited favor in your life for his glory here on earth!  As you embark upon the journey of 2019 and all that it holds, Remember - you are fearfully and wonderfully made for such a time as this! .